Mahee Snowboard Review

Having first rode this board in the Kaunertal spring break board test of 2016, it dawned on us how a third edge on a snowboard can really work while maintaining the original snowboard feel underfoot.

The three edges combined with a V shaped profile ensures a floaty feel through powder while still giving you the option of bombing hard pack and letting the board run straight at the same time. Given the limited amount of days available to test the wide range of boards available, one of our riders actually rode this board for a whole day of the test due to being so impressed with the technology that’s built in.

This all mountain board built for charging around in most conditions is very stable at speed due to having that extra rail. The flex of the board is rather stiff, however if anything this gives it that extra charging ability and stability through powder and hard pack.

We feel this board has great potential and can not wait to try later iterations of this snowboard

Having ridden this board on snow, we then took it to our dry slope. Wow, for a board that’s designed to cut through powder like butter, it works great on a dry slope. Allowing easier turns for both beginners / advanced and instructors. Everyone who rode this board was impressed by how quickly it would turn, and how stable the board itself is while traversing across the slope.

Dry slope has a tendency to ruin the bases of boards quickly depending on how hot the day is, but over the months of testing there is no sign of wear on the base. Having a sintered 7200 base means it should be extremely long lasting and have great speed / wax absorbency.

Overall with the range of technologies included in this board, from an oversized edge to a progressive sidecut and blunt nose/tail. It all builds up to create an amazing board that can be used by everyone, anywhere.

Finally the scores, overall we rate this board a solid 71 / 100.

The third edge possibly being a gimmick in a world of ever changing technology, however a fun one at that!

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