With the flights and accommodations booked, you might already be dreaming of perfect ski runs on gleaming white slopes. Skiing is a fun way to connect to the majestic outdoors. However, holidays at ski hotspots are not just about enjoying the outdoors. Skiing does wonders for your body too.

That is why skiing is a great activity to do with your friends and family and you can get great discounts on group skiing trips with Ski Line.

The three edges combined with a V shaped profile ensures a floaty feel through powder while still giving you the option of bombing hard pack and letting the board run straight at the same time. Given the limited amount of days available to test the wide range of boards available, one of our riders actually rode this board for a whole day of the test due to being so impressed with the technology that’s built in. This all mountain board built for changing around in most conditions is very stable at speed due to having that extra rail. The flex of the board is rather stiff, however if anything this gives it that extra charging ability and stability through powder and hard pack.


To ski successfully, you must maintain your balance. Keeping your body upright is a great workout, even if you might not notice it at first. The core muscles, including the stomach and the abdominal muscles, contract and pull your body weight against the pull of gravity. These muscles stabilise the torso to protect the spine and keep you upright while you ski.


Six hours of skiing will burn an average of 3,000 calories. That is equivalent to shedding the energy value of 67 chicken nuggets in one great, outdoor workout. For those trying to lose weight, skiing is definitely worth a try.


To ski properly, you must move your body in many ways. For non-athletes, skiing will require contorting to forms they are not used to. When done regularly, skiing facilitates suppleness and means that you will strain less when bending at odd angles.


The physical benefits of skiing may be obvious, but the sport does something more subtle. Every time you ski, your mind and nervous system work just as hard as your body.

Skiing is classified as a proprioceptive activity. This means the muscles of the body react to stimuli in the fastest possible time. Proprioception also informs you of how your body moves. It is such a powerful instinct that rehabilitation programs use it for patients who have had strokes.

Skiing is definitely more fun than a regular workout and the benefits it affords both the mind and body are hard to match. Let Ski Line, The Independent Ski Holiday Specialists help you to find a great holiday on the slopes.